Monday, June 26, 2006

Just Another Random Monday

Dave and I traveled to Ohio over the weekend for a reunion of sorts with my cousins. To give you a sense of my family’s sweet tooth: To satisfy the 17 adults in attendance, my aunt whipped up 7 dozen—that’s 84—cookies, my brother Joey brought a chocolate sheet cake and I contributed a pan of peanut butter Rice Krispie treats with chocolate glaze. That worked out to roughly 10 servings of sweets per person, which I’m pretty sure is not the recommended daily allowance. I’m also fairly certain that we are the only people who would consider my mother’s concoction of pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese, Snickers bars—oh, and apples—a member of the salad family.

Because there’s nothing I can’t turn into a competition, I noted there were fewer remnants of my dessert than Joey’s. “See, my strategy worked,” I bragged. “Cut smaller pieces and people will come back for seconds and thirds.”

“See, my strategy worked,” Joey countered. “Cut bigger pieces and people won’t eat as much, which means more leftovers for me to take home.” Pure genius.

* * *

Driving back to Chicago on Sunday, I marked the progress being made on the new home of the RV/MH [Motor Home] Hall of Fame, located in Elkhart, Ind. I just have to ask, shouldn’t this attraction, by its very definition, be a mobile exhibit?

* * *

A brief update on Idiot Boy: When it sounded like IEDs were exploding in our living room last night, I finally took action. I knocked on his door—10 times to be precise, that’s how long it took for him to hear me over the din. When he finally appeared, I was struck by how much smaller and human he is in real life vs. my imagination. I was a bit flustered and flubbed the lines I had carefully rehearsed last week, but I still managed to eke out something like “Hi, I live downstairs. I think my husband talked to you about the noise. It’s really loud in our place—our ceiling is shaking. Can you turn it down?” I realized later I had forgotten to add “you little piece of shit” but I guess that was never the smartest of ideas.

Idiot Boy offered to unplug the sub-woofer for the time being and to “play around” with his system later. I scampered back downstairs and downed a half a bottle of wine. In perfect silence.


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