Wednesday, October 04, 2006

While You Were Out

On today’s “Martha”:
An excursion to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar ( Max’s recipe for chocolate pizza goes something like this:
One round of pizza dough, topped with…
Grated white chocolate
Grated dark chocolate (semi-sweet, bittersweet)
Chopped candied nuts
Sliced banana
Mini marshmallows

Bake for 10 minutes.

On yesterday’s “The View”: The Smackdown We’ve Been Waiting For
Rosie stating that perhaps, in light of recent school shootings, it’s time for Congress to grow a spine and do what’s best for America rather than the NRA (i.e., pass some gun control legislation with teeth).

Elisabeth, reading off prepared comments, noting the large percentage of victims who use guns to defend themselves.

Me waiting for Rosie to counter that the good guys wouldn’t need weapons if the bad guys weren’t armed. Joy interrupting with a joke about hunters, AK-47s and deer with Cuban missiles. (For the sake of accuracy, I should point out that the crisis was Cuban but I believe the missiles were Russian.)

Elisabeth countering that during the Civil Rights movement, southern blacks used guns to defend themselves against corrupt white law enforcement officials. I don’t know that this is actually true, but Barbie playing the race card struck me as utterly offensive.

In Round One of Rosie vs. Barbie: Alas, a draw.

Headline of the Day: David Beckham to coach Maddox Jolie-Pitt in soccer. In related news, Andre Agassi turns down gig as Shiloh’s tennis instructor, saying, “The girl can’t hold a racket.” Tyra Banks in talks to serve as Zahara’s personal makeup consultant; Jolie cites her own personal lack of expertise in selecting appropriate lip gloss for “women of color.”


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