Friday, June 04, 2010

Everything in Moderation

You'd never know it from FOX News or MSNBC, but there are moderate Republicans out there. Like Tom Campbell, a pro-choice, gay marriage supporter who's running for the senate in California. I'd actually consider voting for him, you know, if he weren't trying to oust Barbara Boxer and I lived in California.

Campbell is the subject of a piece in the June 7 New Yorker, that focuses on the senate race in general, but largely serves as a reminder that if extremist, attention whores like Sarah Palin would crawl back under their rock, this country might be able to reconcile left and right. Here's what's so unusual about Campbell--not just for a Republican, but for a politician of any persuasion--he doesn't pander. Asked during a debate whether individuals on the the "no-fly" list should be allowed to carry guns, he logically answered "no." NRA be damned. And then his opponents, who responded, WTF, "yes," had the audacity to call him soft on terror. Wha?

But this is where Campbell truly won my heart--he's the first Republican I've ever heard say, "If less government intrusion is desirable in economic life, why shouldn't it be equally desirable in private life?" Meaning, if you want to keep government out of your wallet, let's keep 'em out of your bedroom and uterus as well. Come on California Republicans--reward this man for not only being honest, but being right (in the best sense of the word).


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