Friday, April 07, 2006

Luminous Sighting

Lips get gloss, nails get polish, now hair gets glaze. John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze. It’s the first and only at-home glaze that adds a touch of color, a boost of shine and a glossy luxurious feel in just 3 minutes.

I already shampoo with Frieda’s “Brilliant Brunette.” I ask, how, exactly, does one differentiate between “brilliant” and “luminous”? I shall purchase the Color Glaze and report back on my findings.

* * *

The Cupcake Files: Case Closed

In my ongoing pursuit of truth, justice and a scapegoat in Wednesday’s cupcake catastrophe, I came across the following from Cook’s Illustrated.

Baking Outside the Tin
If you don’t own a muffin tin, we found that foil liners are sturdy enough to hold our cupcake batter

There you have it. The culprit: flimsy UnFoil liners. Or possibly, just possibly, the person who overlooked this detail.

While I promise to get back up on the cupcake horse one day soon, next up is an Angel Food Cake for Easter. Will Martha Stewart tempt me with her Brown Sugar and Fudge Sauce recipe or will Cook’s Illustrated woo me with their fool-proof techniques?

Stay tuned.


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