Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I’m Not Making This Stuff Up

Forget about The Best Week Ever. I’m pretty sure yesterday was The Best Day Ever for celebrity news.

Item #1: The city of Stockholm is planning to build an ABBA museum dedicated to the music, clothing and history of the legendary Swedish pop group. "We think this will be a fun and swinging museum to visit,” was the band’s response to the news. The foursome hasn’t performed together since 1982, and apparently that’s the last time they updated their slang. Band members will donate materials for the exhibits, including outfits worn by the group. Which brings to mind the question, isn’t it a fire hazard to have that much spandex in a single location?

Item #2: Tony Danza is set to star in “The Producers” on Broadway. Seems like a case of life imitating art. The announcement reminds me of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” plot where Mel Brooks cast Larry David as a “Producers” lead, hoping he’d bomb and put an end to the play’s interminable run.

Item #3: During the L.A. stop of their current concert tour, the Dixie Chicks, who know a little something about being the center of a media firestorm, dedicated a song to the much maligned Kevin Federline. The title of the tune: “White Trash Wedding.” Some jokes just write themselves.

Item #4: “Access Hollywood” or maybe “Entertainment Tonight”—can we please stop pretending these are two separate shows—has an exclusive report on Anna Nicole Smith’s speedy weight loss since giving birth just weeks ago. Well, I’m glad she has her priorities straight. I was so over her mourning for her dead son.


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